The Little Lemon goes to Florida

Normally I love my hometown and am a real Londoner at heart, but every now and then it’s nice to get away from the crowds (and the clouds) and get yourself some sunshine.  Hubby and I are in Florida for two weeks, mostly to help our dear friends Tree and Josh prepare for their wedding this weekend, and partly to spend some time just relaxing after what has been a fairly busy few months.

Tree is an English girl and Josh is an American boy, and so their wedding is going to be a fab fusion of the two cultures (“two nations divided by a common language”) – which means that the British contingent (me, Hubby, David and Victoria, and of course Tree’s family) are tasked with producing traditional British desserts.  Between us we’ll be providing apple crumble and custard, Welsh cakes, Eton Mess and whatever else we can think of.  We were surprised to discover that Banoffee Pie is, in fact, a British invention and so that might’ve make an appearance if it weren’t for the fact that the bride is allergic to bananas.

In preparation for our culinary task, we’ve sought out food stores and tracked down a website which translates English ingredients and measurements into American (that “common language” I mentioned) and amongst all of this and the preparations for the wedding day itself, there’ll be a hen party (also known in these parts as a bridal shower) in which we’ll be… well, I can’t say as it’s a surprise for Tree but there’ll be pictures to share later on.

Time now for a bit of sunshine and a dip in the pool before I get my pinny on and my hands floury…