British puds in Americaland

Apple crumble, trifle, welsh cakes, scones with jam and cream… the Brits did a grand job of producing traditional puds for the Joshua Tree wedding and they were dived into within seconds of being laid out after dinner.

Pudding was only a tiny bit of what was an incredible weekend; we attended the rehearsal on Friday afternoon followed by the rehearsal dinner which was cooked by Tree’s father (who just happens to be a chef).  It was delicious – even the carrots, which I don’t normally eat, but these were soaked in spring water and slices of Florida oranges.  Amazing.


Tree’s mother put together all of the bouquets and button holes, and I spent Saturday morning putting together posies for the mason jars which were hung at the end of each row of chairs for the aisle.  The table centres were a miscellany of vintage bits and pieces, and the marquee where the wedding breakfast took place was festooned with bunting, tulle and fairy lights.  We danced as the sun went down, and when it was dark we gathered around a firepit and ate s’mores (very American, totally delicious).

I’ve adopted the s’mores idea; this weekend it is Beloved’s 30th birthday and to celebrate we’re having friends round to share a slow-roasted joint, a cauldron-full of roast potatoes, veggies and whatever else takes our fancy, in the garden around our new firepit.  We bought Graham crackers while we were in the US, but the chocolate and marshmallows we’ll pick up from the supermarket.  After all, British chocolate is better than Hersheys (shh…don’t tell the Americans).