Yuletide in Vegas

This is the second time we’ve spent Christmas in America – last time we were at the end of our backpacking trip and finished up in Miami, staying with our friends who were touring the U.S with a Cirque show.  On Christmas Day, we all went to the Cirque end-of-tour party at a hotel and drank wine by the pool on the rooftop, and then had our ‘real’ Christmas Day back in the apartment with a 25lb turkey and lots of tour friends.  Tree did an amazing job, making cranberry sauce and bread sauce from scratch as well as preparing lots of veggies.  We did the roast spuds in someone else’s apartment (well, our oven was completely full with that 25lb turkey…) and a brilliant time was had by all.

This time, we’re visiting those same dear friends who have since toured Japan with the same show and have now settled in Vegas.  Hub and I had forgotten just how much the yanks love Christmas, and I squealed with excitement when I saw all the houses decked out with lights.  It really is just the way it appears on telly. The other thing that has become apparent is the baking that goes on over Christmas over here – Tree and Josh have made mince pies, peppermint chocolate slab, gingerbread men and cookies with crushed candy canes.  We’ve eaten brilliantly while we’ve been here and are looking forward to NYE down on the strip – apparently it’s utterly crazy so it’ll definitely be an experience.  We’re starting off with dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, then up to the rooftop of one of the casinos to sit in the back of their truck to watch the fireworks…