Feeling a spring in my step

One of the things I love about the Great British weather is that it can be so changable.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t relish the dark early mornings and the biting wind of the winter months, but having got caught in a small snow shower last night on the way to the theatre (more of which later), I wore my usual 25 layers to work this morning only to discover that it was in fact quite mild and that being dressed like the Michelin man was somewhat unnecessary.

Days like today, when it’s warm enough to go out with just the one pair of gloves and it’s still daylight when I get home at five o’clock, cheer me up and make me feel quite jolly about things. I’m certain that one of the reasons we Brits talk about the weather so much is because it affects our moods and dispositions so much.  The fact that it’s almost half term also makes me feel quite jolly; I love my job but getting to spend a whole week of days with my Beloved is quite exciting.

This week of changable weather has seen me out walking in the heavy snow with Beloved, Chaps and George (I’ve never known a dog get so excited about being in the snow); heading out to the theatre (twice no less! The 39 Steps and the opening night of Dear World), and sharing pancakes with the family.  It’s also seen me say farewell to our dear friend Chaps who breezed into town with the circus and is shortly to breeze back out again to Spain.  All this has meant that I’ve had a little less time to spend in the kitchen, but last weekend our godson Josh came to spend a few days with us, and we spent Saturday afternoon baking.  George was very appreciative of the apple and cinnamon dog biscuits we made and has been promoted to Chief Taster for The Little Lemon ‘Barkery’.  It’s a job he’s really rather good at.

Snowy George

This coming weekend consists of two weddings and a 70th birthday (my dad’s), and Sunday will be filled with breakfast, fresh air and mooching about doing not much.  Unless of course the weather changes again.  Good old Blighty.