About the Little Lemon Bakery

The Little Lemon Bakery is a fairly young bakery, established in April 2012 – mostly because my husband was away on tour with a show for eight months and it seemed like the perfect way to keep myself occupied.  I’ve always enjoyed baking and ended up taking all the goodies I’d made into work each week as I couldn’t possibly manage to eat all of them myself.

Since then, husband has come home from tour and joined in with the baking (who knew?) so now there are two of us to provide all the scrummy treats people order from the bakery.  We’ve branched out from cupcakes and layer cakes to making cakes for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries and weddings have all come our way over the past few months) and other delights like peanut butter and chocolate slices, chocolate orange biscuits, homemade honeycomb, snickerdoodles and several different flavours of fudge.

Every month, we take the Little Lemon to the Duck Pond market in Ruislip and occasionally in Richmond too.

And if you were wondering why we’re called ‘The Little Lemon Bakery’, it’s partly because of the lemon fudge we’ve now become well-known for and partly because we live in a road called Lime Grove…

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can do that by filling in this handy little form:

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