Easter hols and time to get arty

I haven’t had to go to work for a week and I’m getting rather used to it – I’ve still been getting up reasonably early in the mornings but having time to get on and do things without having to battle the tube in rush hour twice a day has been fab.  One of the things I’ve been doing is making new blackboard signs for our market stall, using some tips I discovered on Pinterest.  I wanted to do something freehand rather than order signs online (after all, the whole idea of the Little Lemon Bakery is that everything is hand-made) and so I followed three simple steps and ended up with signs that I’m really happy with.

Step one was to print out the wording I wanted to use and the Little Lemon logo, then tape them lightly to the blackboard so that I could outline them in pencil, leaving a faint imprint on the blackboard:

Outlining the textStep two was to go over the outline with pencil to make it nice and easy to see:

Drawing the outlineAnd step three was to paint!  I found a nice lemon yellow crafters’ acrylic in Hobbycraft:PaintingI liked the result so much that I did another one, for the Barkery:

The Little Lemon Barkery


I’ve also made some new signcards for our taste samples seeing as they went down so well at the last market:

Sample signs  So that’s all the crafty bits done; next week the dog-biscuit-baking commences!

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