Day twenty of the 30 day photography challenge – in my bag

I pulled a few things out of my bag for this challenge – things which live there permanently – and it made me realise that I’m becoming rather sensible as I get older.  Sometimes there are frivolous things in my bag, but in my twenties I would never have remembered to have a spare pair of contact lenses, or thought about blister plasters.  The Lucozade tabs are a hangover from when I was working in theatre in the evenings as well as teaching during the day (and they work, they really do).  I would also not have had anti-bacterial hand gel in my bag in my twenties, but then that’s possibly because it hadn’t been invented…

Anyway, here is today’s photo *shuffles off to find something more frivolous to put in handbag*


Day nineteen of the 30 day photography challenge – something I want

I came across this picture on Pinterest (a bit of a guilty pleasure) and it struck me that this would be a really fun way of selling our fudge.  Ever since I was a little girl and I saw ‘The Lovebug’ I’ve loved old Volkswagen Beetles, and the idea of using one as a market stall really appeals to me.  I think it’s really cute.  What do you think?


Day eighteen of the 30 day photography challenge – shoes

This one was quite a simple choice – I love my shoes (even though as I’ve got older I no longer wear ridiculously high heels every day) and more often that not I wear my Chucks.  Some of them were bought in America and some over here (when I worked at the Piccadilly theatre I was dangerously close to Carnaby Street where there’s a Converse shop).  Is it possible to have too many Chucks? Never!


Day seventeen of the 30 day photography challenge – technology

I remember when I was at school and ‘computer studies’ was compulsory until the age of fourteen and our computer screens were black with green text on them (hard to imagine any more).  I remember that when my teacher told me we’d all be using computers by the time I’d left school and started working, I told him that I wouldn’t because I hated computers!  In my defence, technology has moved on so much since those days and the things you can do with technology now we couldn’t even imagine back then.  I even chose ICT as my specialism when I did my teaching degree nine years ago, and spent a brief spell as a web designer.

Now, I have a desktop and a laptop, an iPad mini, an iPod and an iPhone and those are just the personal computer side of things.  When I saw today’s challenge, it got me thinking about all of the other bits of technology that we use and it’s hard to find a place where we don’t use it.  When we were traveling a couple of years ago, WiFi, an iPod touch and Skype were invaluable to us and enabled us to stay in touch with our family even when we were in the middle of nowhere!  In our lounge, we have a flatscreen television and a BlueRay player.  Even in our kitchen, we’ve ‘dispensed’ with our old kettle and now have a hot water dispenser (it’s brilliant, by the way – and I love it).  And in our car, we can plug in our iPod to listen to, we have SatNav that tells us how to get anywhere we want and even tells us when there’s traffic on the way, and a bluetooth connection which means we can use our mobiles hands-free when we drive.

So, could I live without all of this technology? Like most people, my answer would probably be ‘Yes, if I had to’ but actually… I’m not sure if I would want to!


Day sixteen of the 30 day photography challenge – a good habit

I’ve got lots of habits but trying to think of one which is a good one, and more importantly an interesting one, is bit tricky (I suppose that’s why it’s called the photography ‘challenge’).  Taking a picture of me cleaning my teeth or putting everything in the dishwasher once I’ve used it seems very unexciting.  So I’ve decided to share a picture of something which I intend to make a habit – sitting in the new hammock we bought today while we were at the Duck Pond market.  We had a brilliant day (lovely weather, lovely people and we sold out of everything we’d made), and we treated ourselves to this one from the Well Hung company (see what they did there?).  It’s a double hammock which means that Simon and I can lounge in it at the same time, and even George hopped in and had a go…


Day fifteen of the 30 day photography challenge – silhouette

This one is a silhouette of my dad who recently had some photographs taken for his new professional role as a mediator for a legal firm.  It reminds me of one of his other facets – suave and dressed in a suit, ready to get down to business.


Day fourteen of the 30 day photography challenge – eyes

I know that George appears quite frequently in my blog but with today’s challenge ‘eyes’ I couldn’t help but have a picture of him. There’s something very soulful about the big brown eyes of a dog, and the way George is looking at the camera in this picture makes me melt. So, apologies if you’re not really a dog person, but here he is, looking gorgeous:


Day thirteen of the 30 day photography challenge: can’t live without

This was a tough one as there are several things I don’t feel I could live without (tea is fairly high up on the list) but these two, combined in one photo, always make me feel happy no matter what (even tea doesn’t do that every time) so here they are, my husband and my dog:


Day twelve of the 30 day photography challenge – sunset

One of the things I love about living in an upstairs maisonette is that we have a beautiful view from the big bay window in our lounge – because we’re upstairs mostly what we see are a few chimneys and lots of trees.  It also means that in the evenings we get a beautiful view of the sunset, and although we saw some spectacular sunsets while we were travelling, there’s something rather special about English sunsets.  This picture was taken shortly after a downpour had given us a beautiful rainbow which then dispersed, leaving us with pretty pinks and blues:


Day eleven of the 30 day photography challenge – something blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours and so there are a lot of things in our flat which are blue, so I had a lot to choose from: a blue frangipani necklace which I bought in Queensland Australia, my iPhone cover, a beautiful blown-glass vase which we bought in New Zealand, a pair of silk hand-made shoes which we picked up in Hoi-An, Vietnam… Looking at these things made me think of our travels when we backpacked around the world in 2009 and 2010 and so I decided on something which Simon bought me a little while before we left: