Day twenty-three of the 30 day photography challenge – patterns

I like the patterns found in nature and this one in particular appealed to me – it’s blue skies and sunshine, clouds, and aeroplane trails from the Red Arrows!  If you look carefully at the bottom right hand corner you’ll see a couple of flags from the grandstands – one of them a chequered flag and the other a Union flag (we were sitting amongst lots of other McLaren/Jenson Button/Lewis Hamilton fans that day).  If you look even closer, you’ll see that the bright white swirl in the middle of the picture is in actual fact five Red Arrows – but I just love the pattern of the clouds in this picture.  And it reminds me of English summers…


Day eleven of the 30 day photography challenge – something blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours and so there are a lot of things in our flat which are blue, so I had a lot to choose from: a blue frangipani necklace which I bought in Queensland Australia, my iPhone cover, a beautiful blown-glass vase which we bought in New Zealand, a pair of silk hand-made shoes which we picked up in Hoi-An, Vietnam… Looking at these things made me think of our travels when we backpacked around the world in 2009 and 2010 and so I decided on something which Simon bought me a little while before we left: