Day five of the 30 day photography challenge – after dark

After such a busy weekend, I was quite glad to have a bit of a lazy day today and we didn’t really do much apart from taking Simon’s mum and dad out for lunch for his dad’s birthday.  The meal was delicious but I made the fatal error of having a large chunk of crusty bread with my soup which meant I slept for two hours when we got home (pesky wheat allergy!)  This evening I spent three hours making cranberry dog biscuits for the night market we’re doing in Kingston this Thursday.  George was very helpful in his role as quality control too, and now it’s ten o’clock we’ve downed tools and decided to chill out for what’s left of the evening.  Today’s photo challenge is ‘after dark’ and so here’s a pic of our mantelpiece taken a few moments ago.  The painting was one that we bought in Tanzania on our honeymoon six years ago; I  love it and every time I look at it I’m reminded of what a perfect time we had.  There are also some anniversary cards, a thank-you from our friend Chaps who stayed with us a little while ago and a portrait of the two of us with George which was taken at the Dogs Trust earlier this year.  If you look carefully, you can also see a cog mounted on a base which came from an actual Formula 1 car (this is Simon’s, as you might have guessed).