Day twenty-five of the 30 day photography challenge – strangers

It’s far too easy not to really notice other people as we go about our business every day – I know I’m usually rushing about from one place to the next and always thinking about something as I go (although, oddly, I often seem to notice people’s shoes, no matter how quickly I’m walking…).

When we were at Silverstone in June, we had a brilliant time because there was so much going on but also because everyone there was also having a great time and there was a really friendly atmosphere.  It felt like we really did notice other people more, and there was a lot of friendly banter between us (even the people in the next tent who stumbled home in the early hours one morning and woke us up by shouting at the chap in the tent on the other side to stop snoring).

On the Friday night, we joined our fellow race-goers and campers in the Big Top for a bit of live music and in front of us I spotted a young dad with his little boy, enjoying a bit of guy-time.  I couldn’t help but take this pic because I thought it was adorable.  What do you think?


Day twenty-two of the 30 day photography challenge – inspirational

I find lots of things which are inspiring – other people, songs I hear, pictures I see, articles I read – but right now I’m reading a book which I bought ages ago and have only just got round to reading.  It’s Brian Epstein’s autobiography, “A Cellarful of Noise” which was written in 1964, three years before his untimely and unexpected death.  Any among you who are Beatles fans will probably know quite a bit about him, at the very least that he was their manager.  In the book he comes across as a very genuine and gentle man, aware of his shortcomings (he’s not afraid to say “I was hopeless at school” or “I was a useless soldier and not suited to the RAF at all”) but bent on doing the very best for the band he so admired.

I think that the Beatles’ story itself is inspiring so reading about Epstein and his part in it is particularly interesting.  I don’t know if the book is still in print (I would imagine probably not) but I was lucky enough to get hold of my original copy from a second-hand bookshop – it’s now forty-nine years old (eek) so I’m taking very good care of it!


Day nine of the 30 day photography challenge – someone you love

There are a handful of photos which I could have chosen for this challenge, but here’s one which is very special to me right now so here it is: my dad in his very early twenties doing what he loved best – playing his guitar and singing his heart out…


Day six of the 30 day photography challenge – obsession

It was very tempting to take a picture of my fluffy babies for today’s challenge but I seem to take pictures of at least one of them each day so I’ve chosen the next nearest thing that I love: The Beatles.  I’m not sure I would call it an obsession but I was introduced to the Beatles when I was quite young and then from the age of about thirteen my best friend Nicky and I were smitten and we used to pool our resources to get hold of Beatles albums and any other kind of memorabilia we could get our hands on.  We visited Abbey Road together once and I have an old photo somewhere of us sitting on the steps to the studios.  We also went to the Beatles Revolution in London’s Trocadero (which has long since gone) about seven times.  I won’t admit to how many times I’ve seen Help and A Hard Day’s Night, or how many times I’ve read books about them, or the fact that I know a ridiculous amount of trivia, or that I know the words to pretty much every song they ever recorded…

We always wanted to go to see Paul McCartney in concert but we never managed it (John was my favourite though) and a couple of years ago I got a ticket to see Paul in Manchester – it was fricking awesome and I’d go again in a heartbeat, only this time I’ll be taking hubby along too.

Among the things that I’ve collected over the years are these three original copies: A Cellarful of Noise (1964), The Beatles (1968) and A Spaniard in the Works (1965).  Taking them off the bookshelf and reading them is like putting on a comfy pair of old slippers.  Which reminds me: I haven’t read any of these for a while so I think it’s about time again.