Three new discoveries

George taking a stroll to the park

George taking a stroll to the park

Now that I’m no longer working on a show in the evenings, I’ve a little more time on my hands. I’ve been spending that time walking in the park with George (which is lovely now that the evenings are warmer and lighter) and discovering all sorts of things via Pinterest and some of the blogs that I follow. There’s something intrinsically communal in reading what other people are up to and sharing ideas with them and here are three things I’ve discovered today which I really like:

Grooveshark – a website where you can create your own playlists (they seem to have pretty much every track ever written) and even embed it into your own website. Tree introduced us to something similar when we stayed over in Vegas last year, but you couldn’t access it from outside the U.S because of copyright laws. Grooveshark is international so visit the site and fill yer boots! Here’s my playlist for today:

I also found a new recipe for an old favourite:
Chocolate brownies with cream cheese icing, strawberries and blueberries on top – I’ve made brownies before and I love the fudgy, gooey inside but I’d never thought of topping them off with cream cheese icing and fruit. You need to make sure that the brownies are slightly thinner than usual to accommodate the thick fruity topping, and a little crispier than usual. I can’t wait to make these! It’s our anniversary in a couple of weeks’ time and we’re having a barbecue to celebrate so these might have to go on the menu…

Berry brownies - with thanks to

Berry brownies – with thanks to

Lastly, I’ve been looking at photo-editing apps to do funky things with.  I normally use Adobe Fireworks and Apple’s Aperture which are fab but I downloaded an app from the App Store called iSplash; it’s simple to use and has one function: to add splashes of colour to monochrome images.  Here are a few other pics which I used iSplash on:

On the dance floor at Tree and Josh's wedding last year

On the dance floor at Tree and Josh’s wedding last year

Gotta have Pimm's at a summer wedding!

Gotta have Pimm’s at a summer wedding!

Simon signing the register at Tree and Josh's wedding

Simon signing the register at Tree and Josh’s wedding

As you can see, it’s quite addictive.  I could spend hours messing around with our pics but there’s baking to be done and fudge to be made so I’d better get back to it…