Day thirteen of the 30 day photography challenge: can’t live without

This was a tough one as there are several things I don’t feel I could live without (tea is fairly high up on the list) but these two, combined in one photo, always make me feel happy no matter what (even tea doesn’t do that every time) so here they are, my husband and my dog:


Day eight of the 30 day photography challenge – routine

I try not to have too much of a routine, but there are a few things which I do every day like feeding George, Molly and Pickle, and taking George for a walk twice a day. Since I’ve been on school holidays, I’ve been getting up early and heading to the park with him for a run and to use the outdoor gym they’ve installed recently. In a week running up to a market, we get into a routine of making fudge and packaging everything, but we always try to take time to do our own thing so the days aren’t too samey.

One thing however that I always start my day with is a cuppa. I mean, I’m British and we all love tea – and for me it’s the best way to start the day and it’s usually me who gets up first and makes us both a cup. A morning without tea? Well, it wouldn’t be right…